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Dear students and parents

In these unprecedented times, we must all answer to our collective responsibility and do our part to keep our communities safe. Recognizing that technology has provided us with opportunities to continue our individual progress despite a global motion standstill, we acknowledge the unique platform that an online education offers. As an online school, we have always provided a medium for students and teachers to exchange learning and thoughtful dialogue, and we continuously encourage students to engage with each other. Our unique experience has taught us that meaningful gathering does not necessarily require us being in the same physical space.

The human spirit is resilient. Insomuch as we are vulnerable, we are resilient. As we encounter setbacks, we press forward with fortitude and tenacity. Aristotle teaches us in the Nicomachean Ethics: "at the right times, about the right things, towards the right people, for the right end, and in the right way, is the intermediate and best condition. As our communities come together to combat this relentless illness that is ravaging our nations, we are reminded that it is in doing the right thing and looking out for the common good that will help us rise again.

Canada has been extremely successful in flattening the curve and keeping the infection rate low because we have so far taken our collective responsibility seriously. But the battle is not over. We must continue to do our part in these trying times. As leaders in the education field, we are in an unique opportunity to help. Our calling is such – to provide top notch, quality education to aspiring students and ignite the passion for the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, it is with our humble privilege that Agile Prep Academy will make our courses available at a highly discounted rate to allow students to safely attend high school at home and reduce the spread of Covid-19 through our communities.

The Agile Prep Team


  • Discount valid before Nov 30th 2020
  • Registration must be completed and tuition paid before offer expiration date
  • The special rate is for students who currently live in Ontario or have recently lived in Ontario within 12 months
  • Use this coupon code when registering: covid19nov2020
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