What is covid-19

Covid-19 is a new virus that belongs to a family of related of viruses known as coronaviruses. Other viruses belonging to the same family of coronaviruses include the seasonal flu, as well as SARS and MERS. Like the seasonal flu virus, it appears to be as contagious as the flu with one person infecting 2 to 3 others. This leads to exponential growth of the virus in a population of people as the number of infected people doubles roughly every 6 days.

Unlike the seasonal flu, however, the mortality of this virus appears to be around 1%. That is, on average, 1 person pass away for every 100 people it infects. This mortality rate is 10 times higher than the mortality rate of the seasonal flu (around 0.1%).

The symptoms of people infected with the new coronavirus is also unlike the seasonal flu, as only 5% of those infected get a runny nose. Instead, they experience fever, general weakness, and a dry cough.

What worries experts is that the new coronavirus has a long incubation period. Previously it was thought to be up to 14 days, but there is some evidence that it can be as long as 28 days. The incubation period is the time it takes for you to first get infected and finally show symptoms. Even more worrisome is that those who are in the incubation period and do not yet show any overt signs of symptoms can already infect others and make others sick.

How is covid-19 transmitted

Currently, it is believed that covid-19 is transmitted through droplets. It is not believed to be airborne in the sense that it stays in air. The viral particles when expelled from an infected person will be expelled with droplets of saliva and mucus and will eventually fall to the ground.

When the droplets land on surfaces, someone else touching that surface can pick up the droplets and then transfer it to their eyes or mouth, infecting themselves.

How has covid-19 has affected education elsewhere

We do not have a vaccine for this new virus. Thus the primary method of stopping chains of transmission from people to people is social distancing. Social distancing is exactly what it sounds like, to distance people away from each other, to reduce direct social interactions, so that the virus from one infected person cannot jump to another person to infect them.

Schools are venues where students are in close proximity to each other, which can lead to rapid infection of the student population (think about how quickly the flu spreads). As a result, schools have been closed in areas affected by covid-19, such as in China, Korea, Japan, and Italy.

How we can help

We at Agile Prep are monitoring the Covid-19 situation closely, and we are ready to help you. Agile Prep is committed to providing quality education to you. We understand that education is very important and want to provide solutions for your continuous learning needs during this time.

We want to make sure your online education is convenient and available to you anytime, from anywhere.

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